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The Dispensary

"Mashkiki" in Algonquin means "Medicine" and it is in that Spirit that we operate to provide People with our Traditional Medicines as guaranteed to us by our Inherent Rights, Aboriginal Rights, and Constitutional Rights under Freedom of Religion.

We have operated as a "Compassion Clinic" delivering Medicines to Elders, community members who are bed ridden, in chronic pain, who are terminal and in palliative care, all at their request to ease the suffering they are going through.

Our topical creams and solutions have enabled people to live with either reduced pain or no pain at all; have given people a good nights sleep to wake up rested; appetite for people who couldn't eat; and lucidity and clear headedness with no side effects to people who were concerned about other drugs or pain management alternatives.

Simply put. We give a damn. We care.

We care so much that a percentage of all of our sales are going towards building a Healing Centre and a Hospice within our community so people can come to Heal, or to make a peaceful transition between this world and the next with compassion and love.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and loved. Whoever you are, live your life.


Our Philosophy


Every person has a right to decide how they want to heal, what they want to put into or onto their bodies, and to partake of what Mother Earth has provided for us.

We bring you the products that can help empower you on your Healing Journey through this life, and live life under your own terms.

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